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3512 Notten Rd.
Grass Lake, MI 49240

Christmas Tree Season 2018

  • We will be open every day from 9am-5pm starting the Friday after Thanksgiving (11/23) until Christmas Eve.
  • We accept all forms of payment including credit cards.
  • Dogs are always welcome, but please bring leashes.
  • Unfortunately, due to a horse injury, there will be no horse-drawn wagon rides at either location this year.  We will still offer truck or tractor-pulled wagon rides to the cutting areas.
  • At the Grass Lake location, on the weekends only, you will be directed to different farms depending on the type of tree you would like to cut:
    • Pre-cut trees: 3512 Notten Rd.
    • Fraser Fir: 15012 Reiman Rd.
    • Douglas Fir, Spruce, and Concolor Fir: 13671 East Michigan Ave.
    • During the week, continue to go to the farm at 3512 Notten Rd.
  • The Salem Grove Church at the Grass Lake location will be open selling refreshments the following dates:
    • Friday, Nov. 23 (10am-5pm), Saturday, Nov. 24 (10am-5pm), Sunday, Nov. 25 (12pm-4pm)
    • Saturday, Dec. 1 (10am-5pm)
    • Saturday, Dec. 8 (10am-5pm)

You have reached one of the oldest and largest tree farms in Southern Michigan. We started in the 1930’s and are still going strong with two locations:

  1. In Grass Lake, Michigan along I-94 between Jackson and Ann Arbor
  2. In Brooklyn, Michigan on Monroe Pike

Getting out into the country and harvesting a fresh cut tree is a holiday tradition for many families, and providing this experience has become a full-time business for us. We strive to find ways to make your visit to the Arend Tree Farms as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

Through the years, we have changed the types of trees we grow to meet public demands. Scotch Pine used to be the most popular tree in the 60’s and 70’s, but Fraser and Douglas Fir seem to be today’s favorites. Even though fir trees are the top-sellers, we try to make every species available. In addition to cut-your-own, pre-cut trees are available in a range of sizes with some priced as low as ten dollars for the budget minded. We also provide the newest innovations of the industry to our customers:

  • Balers for easy transport of your tree
  • Shakers for clearing out the unwanted debris
  • Krinner Tree Genie XXL tree stands

Another attraction is the 150 year-old country church that is adjacent to the Grass Lake farm. Many families make it part of their holiday tradition to stop by the church for homemade doughnuts and cider or to purchase unique Christmas craft items.

Our main objective is to provide a friendly and unique holiday memory for your whole family. We look forward to seeing you.